Friday, October 15, 2010

It's the bloody beer...

Another small loss this week, despite running and rowing 80km and maintaining a pretty healthy diet... somehow losing weight and getting pissed every night don't seem to fit together very well.  Still, slightly special circumstances with guests and birthday.  Will make more of an effort next week.
Managed to get over 15km for a 1 hour row, but not much spare capacity - not sure where the extra 500m is going to come from.  Need about 22 watts more power, and if I lose 5kgs I'll need only something like 3 watts less for moving my fat arse back and forward.   Might try some motivational software, i.e. projecting hard core POV porn onto the wall in front of me.

Oh, and there's news in from Doogie, who wants to blog but can't quite bring himself to do it.  He says, "So if I get the idea of this blogging thing I'm now meant to report that something very amusing happened whilst I was weighing myself - perhaps being so sleepy I forgot I was holding a baby or maybe that the scales were on the wrong setting - oh the hilarity - if only something that funny had actually happened to me between my bed and the scales. Well you won't believe it but as I am not a sad, self deluded, self important idiot I wouldn't want to make up some shit, I save that for when I am working for Rob (speaking of which you mentioned some cuntsultancy but never furnished me with the details).  Anyhoo Gav hope your shoulder is feeling a little better and Rob hope you had a loverly birthday. 

Enough of the niceties weigh in this morning 107.3, which is not too bad and puts me at 7.5% weight loss over the 6 weeks.  I am, however, looking forward to a night off the running tonight or tomorrow my legs are not feeling the best and last night it was a real struggle on the uphill bits.  Although quite happy that I am now feeling it worst in the legs rather than the lungs."

I think the point Dugald is maybe missing is that no-one else is reading this.  It's just for winding each other up, and motivational sibling rivalry.  You daft fat

See you next Tuesday.

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