Friday, October 1, 2010

Mixed bag

So the results are in for the fourth week.  Not too bad - half-way there for me - though only 0.5kg down on the week.  Dugald storming ahead though, congratulations to him on losing almost 7kgs in a month!  Guess he'll be feeling the benefits.  Having been ill the first couple of weeks, I'm back to proper training now, and when running, you really feel the difference of being 5kg lighter. 

Back to rowing too, couple of reasonable sub-40' 10km and a fairly comfortable 14.7km in an hour this week.  That's well outside my 'recent' hour PB (15,491m in November 2008), and while I wasn't flat out, there's still no way I could get near that at the moment; might hit 15km.  So there's a lot of work still to do.  But looking ahead for post-weight-loss targets, here's a few: rowing 15.5km for the hour, 38' for the 10km; running 1h30 for a half-marathon, 40' for a 10km.  Will try to knock a couple of those off before Christmas.  Anyone up for a total distance challenge over a week sometime?

Downside of the exercise is it makes me hungry!  I think that's why the weight loss is slow, though I suppose it could just conveivably be due to being pissed 3 nights in the past week.  Anyway, I'm playing the Dude's joker and claiming that muscle gain is masking fat loss.

Enough of this navel gazing nonsense.  Moving on, I'm more than a little concerned by Gavin's post.  Specifically his joy at the idea of some strange, orange, rugger bugger's leathery palm stroking his manhood.   Is there something you want to tell us, GayVee?

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