Friday, October 8, 2010

Not a chance!

Nice try Gayvee, but no.  I wish it were within the rules, actually, but it wouldn't be fair on Doogie.  If it makes you feel any better, I'm just back from a day in sunny East Sussex (I get all the great trips: Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lewes)  that involved copious sushi for lunch and this evening a full hour in the Eurostar lounge, sampling the wines, which were surprisingly fine.  So no training today, and none yesterday either, as I had to attend a recital of Beatles music played on 5 harps and sung by half a dozen non-English speakers with squeaky voices.  Complete with slide-show to explain the lyrics: they started with "Yellow Submarine" and illustrated "In the town where I was born" with a shot of the Big Ben and the houses of parliament, projected at an odd angle onto the sloping roof of the attic in a Brussels school. Standing room only since an entire music theory class stopped in to spectate. Rather bizarre experience, with limited weight loss potential.  Fearful of a slight increase tomorrow, even if I have a row before weigh-in.  Meanwhile, the moobless Dude is wasting away, already down over 10%!  The thin bastard.

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