Friday, October 8, 2010

Motivation needed

Slow progress from Gav and me.  Strangely Dugald now reluctant to get on the scales - and I thought I was doing him a favour.  Maybe he needs extra motivation - this, perhaps? 2-5-million-british-men-too-fat-to-see-their-own-penis  Is that why he spends so much time and energy checking his is still there?

Anyway, unless we have a couple of very good weeks, I'm going to have to extend the graph a bit.

How do you guys get on with the calculator on the Dude's page?  Having taken some accurate measurements, it's telling me I'm 20.9% fat, and 3kg over-weight.  Suggests that to get down to the 10-12% fat range I should lose another 7 or 8kg, though I should probably put on a couple of kg of muscle, so something around 80kg might be right long-term.

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