Friday, September 24, 2010


Late night working yesterday, so a bit bleary eyed this morning, staggered down at 7 to get Robin a bottle, then stepped lightly on to the scales and watched in horror as the reading shot up past last week's figure to 96kg!  I wondered briefly if I were a Belgian monk living a nightmare in which he were a Stirlingshire drunk dreaming about miraculous weight-loss.  I listened for the sound of one belly roll slapping, but although chaos theory does allow that one wobble of Dugald's mighty gut can cause entire families of butterflies to succumb to the aftershocks in Midlothian, in the end I had to reject any scenario involving the big lad as there was no detectable unpleasant odour.  It was then that I decided to put Robin down and try again.  A cool 86kg: much more like it.

Taking into account the piss-up last weekend, and a slight overindulgence in Bergen on Monday - you just can't refuse free alcohol in Norway, though I kind of made up for that by eating only 6 oysters and 4 scallops for dinner - that's not too bad.  I was especially good in Amsterdam, and a couple of my livelier colleagues all but  fell off their barstools when they saw that I really was going to order a sparkling water.  Then I think a brisk run last night took the greasy icing off my abdominal cake.  Next couple of weeks could be good: no meetings planned outside Brussels, finally getting over the cold/throat virus, feeling fit and ready to train moderately hard - nothing shifts the pounds like a series of hour sessions on the concept D.  Big question mark is weekend alcohol - No1 wife has invited various friends over the coming weekends.  But Aikido season starts tonight and that helps keep Fridays relatively dry. 

All in all, think I should be able to keep up with the brothers.  Bit concerned, however, about the Dude with vestigial Moobs, as I have it on good authority that he was already down to 82kg last week, and is aiming for 76 or lower!  I had been hoping to play squash with the Dude in question, not use him as a racket.  Still, the Dudes do have 6 weeks head start on the Brothers, so if we compare like-with-like on the timescale, I think we may be slightly ahead... and, stop press, I've just heard that the Dude got back from New York complaining about large portions: good, good.  I will, of course, spare you any gags about large portions.

Anyway, lots to do.... so come on Doogie and Gayvee, let's have them hulks on the scales and the masses in mails, I'll get the chart updated as soon as.

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  1. The snitch. There'll be trouble tonight.

    New York was, in summary, a bloody disaster.