Friday, September 17, 2010


Well that turned out not so bad after all!  Wee Gay Vee is falling back a bit, the fat gimp.  Doogie is coming on strongly of course, and if he keeps the pace up might even appear on the chart next week!  Nice one General - you deserve a great, big curry and as much beer as you can carry.  Bear in mind that chillies are great for suppressing appetite and your shrunken stomach will hold much less beer than previously.  Why don't you try it out and see just how much less?  Sorry to hear you've been ill though - remember that you must take it easy for a bit, eat well to keep your strength up, and don't get back into exercising too soon, or you could do more harm than good.

As for me, the memories of Monday's excesses have faded from view with a very pleasing 87.5 this morning.  Eurostar did help, seems they've given up on the hot food for dinner too, and I turned down all offers of alcohol.  This is known in dieting circles as a "training regime".  Then got home to find No.1 child had eaten half the dinner No.1 wife had left for me.  Normally I'd have throttled the little bastard, then flung off a strongly-worded e-mail to Nicolas Petrovic, CEO of the aforementioned transport company, but as any monk would tell you, with fasting comes serenity, and in my case, recognition of the silver lining to any calorie-reducing cloud.

Now reasonably hopeful for the next few days - street party tomorrow night, but should be able to restrain myself to a reasonable degree, plus a good chance of a long run or two in the forest. Then off to Bergen on Sunday evening.  Anticipating rabbit food on the plane, followed by three days of virtual starvation - first in Norway, where I couldn't afford to eat, and then in the Netherlands, where I wouldn't want to.  So by the time I get home on Wednesday, I should be well-placed for a final effort, and comfortably ahead of the field.

Of course, on the other hand, I might get smashed off my tits.  Time will tell.

A couple of points from Gav's post, by the way.  Firstly, it was actually mother who collected me from the clink - though not surprising you've forgotten as you were 10 years old at the time and safely tucked up in bed with your teddy and/or wank sock.  Bit unfair to be raking that up, anyway - I did point out yesterday that form was temporary, and that particular conviction is well spent!  More interesting is the question of which word or words you didn't understand in my post.  The only obvious candidate is 'priapic' - which frankly doesn't surprise me, poor Jayne.  Were there any others?

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