Friday, September 10, 2010

Weigh Day....

It was with an immense sence of trepidation that I crawled slowly from my bed this morning. My pre-weighing sh!t didn't happen (despite my best efforts), I had forgotten to charge my hair clippers and my 'wee-wee' was dull yellow and syrup like....I had resigned myself to the worst and eventually got up the bottle to step on to the scales.

The digital display shot up past 100, over 150 and onwards above 200....thankfully, through sleep filled eyes I realised that I was being measured in pounds and not kilos. And after a brief spell of undecidedness, the scales finally came to rest at 203.8lbs (converted to 92.4kg)!

Another successful week, meaning I have now lost over 16lbs since my diet began on 14th August. Unfortunately, for the purposes of this competition, my starting weight was a mere 209.2 (94.9kg) - so my official weight loss for the purposes of the OBTAF competition is 5.4lbs or 2.5kg.

Keep up with that you lardy b*stards!

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