Thursday, September 9, 2010

The weight is nearly over...

So, following Monday's initial weigh in, we are now only hours away from the first Friday update. Just how successful have we been in the first few days of dieting?

My week has gone well, until lunch at a meeting, a cookie and an eclair have probably spoilt all the good work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I contemplated bulimia earlier today, but couldn't stomach it.

The plan for tomorrow is:
  1. Get up
  2. Have the biggest dump in living history
  3. Have the longest wee-wee in living history
  4. Shave my hair (all over), plucking where I can't shave
  5. Have a shower to get rid of excess hair
  6. Dry myself
  7. Allow time for any additional and potentially weighty moisture to evaporate
  8. Get on the scales
  9. Post weight on blog.....

I just hope that nervousness doesn't add's hoping for a BIG loss - as I'm off out for a birthday balti tomorrow night!

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