Sunday, September 26, 2010

News in from Big Doogie.  Strangely, he can spend ages poncing about with graphs (for some reason he doesn't like mine) but remains unwilling to blog.  Of course, he's the shy and retiring type; or possibly he's nurturing hopes of a political career. 

Talking of politics, Ed may have stiffed Dave good and proper, but we'll have none of that over here, the eldest sibling is playing to win.  15k run yesterday, 10k row this evening.  I'd be quids in, if only I hadn't got totally smashed in between.

Anyway, here's Dugald's graph.  And his 'analysis': "And it is all change at the top Gavin and I are slipping back by two weeks and one week respectively on projected trends, Rob improves by a couple of days.  Time to start running again me thinks." 

By 'running', he is, of course, referring to laxative overdosing; he can't actually move any faster than a steady wobble.

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