Monday, September 20, 2010


So last week wasn't so sucessful, but my training regime set up over pizza on Friday night would have guaranteed some impressive weight loss. Rugby Saturday, 10k run Monday, Spinning Tuesday, Football Thursday and Circuits Friday. Add to that a strict 1700 calories a day and I would have been patting myself on my fat-free back with no worries of a belly wobble.

But then came the injury as I trod on the ball on Saturday and felt my hammer go ping! I limped around the pitch for the remaining 60 minutes, but am now struggling to walk at all. Training regime out the window, calories reduced to 1500 and fingers crossed for a minor miracle!

Add to this that the wonderful Janet has started to bake (she never cooks) and I am struggling! It is interesting that her new 'hobby' has come around since Rob suggested the losers wife (partner) gives the winner a BJ as the prize. Is she trying to tell me something.....

Onwards and upwards, I can only hope that my competitors have a bad 'un.

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  1. Sorry to hear that GayVee! But anyway, no need to worry, whether you win or lose Jayne is more than welcome, any time she feels the urge.