Monday, September 6, 2010

Weighed out...

Yes indeed, a slight delay on this.  You'll just have to weight.  The thing is I don't believe our scales, telling me I'm only 90kgs in the buff.  Need to get it checked on a proper set.  Anyweigh, whatever the start point, my target is 80kgs.  At present I'm hoping to achieve this primarily through limiting alcohol consumption to levels consistent with maintaining an upright posture until bedtime and regular sexercise.  This is also good for developing arm strength - depending on the position, obviously.  Fine tuning will be achieved through running, cycling and swimming.

So I said "slap that, and ride the ripples"

Now we just have the issue of Brother Dugald's target.  I've done some research on this and I think the problem is that he's too porky to reach his keyboard.  Let's hope that once he's starved for a few days he'll be able to join in.  I did read some waffle on his FB that he was proposing 20% - admittedly he could manage that just from the chin and gut, but you or I would need a wasting disease, full-blown aids, veganism, multiple amputations or radical castration. However since the point is to get fitter these don't appeal.

Bottom line?  If Dugald gets to 95 before I get to 80, I'll eat my cat.  Graph to follow.

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