Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nervous times...

Right, it's the Thursday before weigh-day Friday and I'm not feeling overly positive about my performance. I've been unable to exercise due to my injury and had a terrible weekend food and drink wise.

Thankfully the beautiful Janet has stopped baking, so I have not been bombarded with exciting cookies, biscuits and cakes this week.

The issue I have is that this blog is now depressing me. Not only am I losing weight at a slower rate than my elder brothers, but Dr Rob seems to live a significantly more interesting life than me. So too does one of the Dudes - I can recall posts relating to New York, Paris, Barcelona, Norway, Holland, London....if only I had tried harder at school. I have the joy of travelling from a slightly rough area of Leeds to a really rough area of Bradford on a daily basis. It's got me thinking that being a tad portly may not be the worst thing in my life.

Suicidal rage has built up over the last couple of weeks, but then it hit me: Life could be worse, I could be Doogie Tuesday.....

Now, if only uneducated ranting were a weight loss technique!

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