Friday, September 17, 2010

Weak Week Weight Wise

If the prize was for the most inappropriate metaphors / similes, then Dr. Rob would have won already, but thankfully for me (as a non-academic) it is not. That said, I would prefer his posts to be more inclusive - it removes some of the humour when one has to look up what certain words mean! Surely it doesn't take a PHD, Masters etc etc. to realise that you should dumb it down for the plebs! Things are only funny if people understand!

Doogie Tuesday still brings humour to the blog with his complete lack of input, bringing questions from our unofficial followers as to his where abouts and his current mind set. I just tell them that he continues to question his sexuality and they seem happy with this explanation.

My only interesting story of the week involved being stopped in the street by a young lady asking me to take part in a survey. I was asked which grooming products I currently used and she seemed genuinely shocked when I told her "haribos and High School Musical"!

Anyway - as Dr Rob correctly said, it was my Birthday this week (not so much as a card from either of my competitors though)! So the beer, curry, pizza, cake(s) and birthday special of sausage, beans and chips had me worried as I entered the bathroom this morning.

My mood was lower than a teenagers waistband as I stepped cautiously onto the scales. I had contemplated smashing the toilet up, getting arrested and then having my Dad come pick me up from the station, but no-one would do that under any circumstances.....oh hang on a minute.....

The weight came back as 92kg exactly, so a small loss, but nothing to show off about! Totals so far are:

Weigh in: 94.9
Week 1: 92.4
Week 2: 92.0

Dr Rob - graphs, analysis, trends, logs(?) - we have an army of people following this who are all dependent on your updates! Is there any way you can get a nice graph at the top like the 'Dudes with Moobs' have done?

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